Saturday, October 11, 2008

{{Waving & Smiling}} experiment

In an effort to pass the time while volunteering at the Chamber Ambassador parking lot fundraiser at the fall festival earlier today I decided to make it interesting by conducting a study. A study whereby I enthusiastically smiled and waved at each vehicle that passed by. It actually evoked laughter - mostly because it was so ridiculous but also because smiling actually does make you happy!

Who smiled and waved back:
Teenage girls (sarcastically, of course)
Truck Drivers
People in company cars/trucks
Men alone in cars/Trucks
Happy people
Middle-aged couples

Who absolutely wouldn't budge, these people are whole-heartedly committed to their grumpiness:
Young couples
Women alone in cars
People on the phone (I was going to count but it turned out to be easier to count those who weren't on the phone, either way I was too busy smiling and waving at people)
Mean People

It was a great way to spend three hours, and at least no one called me a name this time.

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