Monday, October 13, 2008

TAG! I'm it...

Thanks to my twitter buddy @feelslikehome I've been tagged!

I am supposed to write about six or seven things you wouldn't know about me from reading my blog.

1. I raced BMX Bikes when I was little. I was pretty good at it. I got more than 20 stitches when I was 4 from doing it.
2. I own an insurance agency with my best friend.
3. My husband is a musician (a darned good one!)
4. I had a rooster for a babysitter when I was a youngster, it kept me at bay on top of my swingset for hours. SERIOUSLY.
6. I have trouble reading text that has been highlighted or text that is in bold or italicized print, I will probably just skip it altogether.

Then, you're supposed to tag six or seven people to do the same on their blogs. I tag


Tara @ Feels like home said...

This was fun to read. Thanks for playing along!

Astrogirl426 said...

Yay! I did my tag! 'twas fun! Check it out here: