Saturday, November 1, 2008

Remember November 6th Project - Progress

You should read the "little things make a small difference" blog post below for this to make sense...

44 oz of mountain dew, 4 hours and $376.00 later I have been able to purchase:

8 Twin Comforters
10 Curtain Panels (5 windows)
10 Pillows
2 Twin Quilts
9 Twin Sheet Sets

for the Goodwill Family Shelter!! I still have $223 to spend out of a $600 (two double room) donation from one organization - the Independent Insurance Agents of Evansville.

With the help of two great friends (Angie and Alita) I was certainly able to put a dent in our list tonight. Jet came along too. He was as patient as a four-year-old could possibly be while shopping for bedding and curtains at four different stores for four hours! Mommy bought him some play dough for his help.

I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, if you want to help email me at

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